Anthrax - Madhouse


White coats to bind me, out of control // I live alone inside my mind //
World of confusion, air filled with noise // Who says that my life's such a crime?

Trapped, in this nightmare //
I wish I'd wake // As my whole life begins to shake //
Four walls, surround me // An empty gaze // I can't find my way out of this maze

'Cause I don't care //
Fall in, fall out // Gone without a doubt, help me
I can't take the blame // They don't feel the shame

It's a madhouse //
Or so they claim // It's a madhouse // Oh, am I insane?

My fears behind me, what can I do //
My dreams haunt my sleep at night //
Oh no, won't learn their lesson, white fills my eyes // And only then they see the light

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