Overkill - Horrorscope


Critical moments pass, // And doctrines of fools will last. // I am just trying to cope, //
Into my horroscope. // Through eyes and ears they bleed, // Reciting their holy creed. //
Heeding but one request, // The future, is put to, rest...

Bless me in darkened days, // Down to my knees I pray. // I am just trying to cope, //
Within this horrorscope. // In the wake of all frustration, // I begin to loose control.

Watched as the weapons fired, // Bombs burst in the air... // Burned in the fields of fire!

Standing in the middle of nowhere. // Watched as the weapons fired, // Baptized in fields of fire!

Well, // The change in here, an' the future clear. // I can feel it coming. // So full of hate, its geting late! //
Yeah, I know its coming. // When all the choice turned to just one voice, // Yeah, the wind is turning.

This is your horrorscope...

Words laced with blasphemy, // Drip with sincerity. // Falling into the plan, //
Like sacrificial lambs. // Hearing the words and said, // Rings like nail, to the head. //
Now I can see the stars, // I know we have gone too far.

Baptized in fields of fire,// Wathched as the weapons fired.

This is your horrorscope.

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